About Us

Too many young people in our community lack a sense of direction and purpose, are frustrated or disillusioned by what they perceive to be a lack of options, and are doubtful of what their futures have to offer. Too often they believe that the negative issues existing in their communities and lives are inevitable, and that there is little, or nothing, that can be done about them.

Out of this need for guidance comes the Horizons Leadership Project. Providing free high-quality arts and athletics programs, Horizons is designed to build confidence, promote a positive self-identity, and impart to our youth the motivation and tools necessary for reaching a sense of personal accomplishment.

Coaches, instructors, mentors, and staff build relationships of trust with students that expand beyond the arts and athletics programs by providing guidance, information, and the resources they need for academic advancement. Horizons promotes cultural and social awareness, provides health and nutritional information, and develops leadership skills, opening lines of communication between our youth and organizations working on the issues relevant to them.

Most importantly, Horizons inspires our youth to identify personal goals and create blueprints for achieving them, teaching them that ultimately education, sacrifice and hard work are indispensable tools for success.